Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Healthy is the New Skinny," RIght?

Exercise and Diet. Two things which I do not enjoy, that is, until I see results. Then, I am all about it!!! :)
This past year, I have tried to be more careful about what I eat and it has paid off! I am exactly 10 pounds lighter than I was at this time last year! No, I am not going to tell you what I weigh, but I will say that it is still not quite where I want to be. So, my new plan is to finish off those last few, pesky pounds before school starts. The goal - 6 pounds in 6 weeks. I feel that this is a healthy goal and within reach!
I have always despised diet and exercise plans because they were never quite what I wanted, so I made up my own, today! :) I printed off a blank calender page and dated for the next six weeks.Each week has a goal weight and a daily exercise routine. I am wanting to focus on getting more fit and not just losing pounds by dieting. So....
The diet routine is still a work in progress...Last year, I was able to cut out all sugary drinks and (most) alcoholic drinks and that accounted for over half of the ten pounds lost. Now, that I do not have that 'quick fix', it will be a bit more difficult. We rarely eat out for dinner, and I do not keep junk food around the house. I believe my overall goal will be to include more fruits and veggies in my diet and drink more water.
Well, that was probably more than you want to know and you are most likely bored to tears. LOL. Hopefully, recording this goal will help me stick to it!
I will let you know how it goes.....


  1. Nicely done with the 10 pounds Jess!!! I'm sure you'll reach your goal before school starts. If not you'll get it very shortly after school starts which is certainly not bad either. I'm ready to get on the weight loss train myself...that is, as soon as the little man decides to make his appearance. Miss you guys!

  2. Thanks! You will lose weight easily, I am sure. You look so fit in all of your belly pics! :) We miss you guys, as well. Hopefully, we will be seeing you and baby boy, soon!! :)

  3. Well, I did it! Weighed in at my goal, today! The weight has been coming off fairly easy, so I will keep at it and then try to maintain!