Wednesday, August 1, 2012

High School English Classroom

There are never any pictures on Pinterest of High School classrooms. I am a Pinterest junkie and quite upset by this. There are always elementary classroom links. Do high school teachers just not decorate? Or is it that they are not on Pinterest? Well, here are some pics of my classroom. It is not yet finished, but we are getting closer!
This is my favorite corner. We are studying Romeo and Juliet in my 9th grade class and all of these posters were hand me downs from other teachers.

The colorful bulletin board is a mystery. No idea what to put there.

This the front of my classroom. The posters are literary terms.

My personal corner! The chinese lanterns were leftover from my sister's wedding.
I like anything that adds more detail to my room!

The wall of shelves is a blessing and a curse. The previous teacher left them very unorganized,
so I need to work on that area!

Trying to decide whether to leave the glass open or cover it with posters.

Back to my corner. Unfortunately, it is a very small room with no windows! Trying to make it work the best I can! :)
There is my classroom, so far! Do not get me wrong, there is still a ton of work to do, but it is already looking more colorful! I have used cloth on all of the bulletin boards, as the school does not have the colorful paper to tack on. Stay tuned for more update!

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