Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Dreams Have Come True......

...I am now a Figure 8 Race Car Driver!!! Okay, just kidding. Well, I AM a 'Figure 8 Racer', now, but I also accepted a teaching job!!!!!! Yippee! :) I am just over the moon about gaining this position in the town that I wanted to. In August, I will start teaching High School English. I interviewed for the position one week ago and was called on Monday with the job offer! I was so excited I could barely speak when the principal asked if I would accept. I said yes, of course! It is just so exciting to think that I will be planning my own lessons and decorating my classroom, soon. Awesome!

Alright, back to the Figure 8 Racing....The car that we have kept up with in the blog is the one that I raced on Saturday night. It was the biggest adrenaline rush that I have had in years! Going in to the arena, I was scared to death and almost chickened out, but after a couple laps, I was having a blast!!! I even placed 2nd out of 5 cars, which isn't bad, considering I expected to be dead last! Our friend took a video and I cannot wait to see it. Thomas and Derek also raced, and placed second. We left with a total of $50 in prize money. Maybe we will go pro....just kidding!

Here is my 'pit crew'. They are trying to quickly replace a tire, in between the boys' race and mine...

Here's the car after our night of racing....only cosmetic damage! ;)

Below is not the best pic, quality-wise, but you get the 'picture'.....

We have all been enjoying the nice weather and leaving all of the windows open! The critters love it!!!

What else? Not much has been happening in Burden. Unfortunately, Thomas will most likely be getting laid off in a month or so, but it is okay; we have backup plans! :) I suppose that is about it, for us. We will be racing again in May, and I cannot wait! ;)

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