Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Horses and Horsepower

Thomas and his friend Derek have decided that they need a Figure 8 car, so they bought one. They have also decided that I should race it in the Powderpuff division. Hmmmm. I can't decide if I am super excited or super scared, but it will undoubtedly be a new life experience!
Also, I had the opportunity to ride the colt, Jack, for the first time outside of the roundpen, while the boys were working on the car at the farm. It was a fun day all-around!
This is Jack's first ride out of the round pen! He did wonderful! He is still a little iffy about what exactly he is supposed to do once I am on him. However, he has yet to buck or spook!
Jack looks like a typical colt in this pic. He just is not quite strong enough for much riding. I have NO idea why I am sitting so crooked.

Derek's adorable kids - Taylor is leading her big brother, Hunter, around on Dan. Both kids rode Dan at least 3 times each. They were in love!

Drumroll please......

Yes. Yes, folks, that IS a Caprice. Beautiful, isn't it? Thomas is posing quite nicely. He said he felt as though it were senior pics all over again! LOL. This is the Figure 8 car, by the way! Oh, and he will probably kill me for posting this pic! :P

I was in charge of interior demolition. I managed to tear out the headliner and most of the plastics. Thomas and Derek had to finish it off!

Serious demolition! :) The boys had the front end and the engine off of the car in under two hours. I helped for an hour on said interiors, then became distracted. LOL.

Stay tuned for updates on Clarence the Caprice! :)


  1. Hahaha -- Oh, Thomas and his cars. Are you really going to drive that thing in the Powderpuff division!? I'd like to see that!!! lol! Yay for finally updating!!! I'll be back in Kansas soon! BLOG ABOUT YOUR HONEYMOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loveeee love :)

  2. Yes, I really am! LOL. I will let you know when I do, just in case you want to attend one of the most redneck events ever. The races are held in Caldwell and Newkirk. LOL. They are hilarious!